Bald Eagle Sighting at The Parklands Of Floyds Fork

Bald Eagle at The Parklands at Floyds Fork

I recently heard that bald eagles had been spotted at The Parklands of Floyds Fork so I decided to go out on a bike ride to relieve some stress before my afternoon showings to see if I could find him.  Usually when I bike The Parklands I park my car at the very first parking lot at the top of the hill, but this time I decided to park at the egg lawn to cut out the big hill on the way back.  I knew I would be cutting it close on getting to my afternoons showings and I didn't want to fight that tremendous switchback climb on the last leg of my ride.  So I took off from the egg lawn just mildly uncomfortable from the cold looking to the tree tops in hopes to see my very first bald eagle in its natural environment.  I was only about five or ten minutes into my ride when i noticed a silhouette of a large bird perched high in a tree right at the Sara and W.L. Lyons bridge opposite the valley of the giants trail head.    I jumped off my bike to get a closer look as I was doing so I reached for my iPhone to take pictures and videos.

As soon as I got beneath this incredible raptor he flew from his branch into the creek below.  I was within twenty yards of him and just as I turned the video off to try and do Facebook live he pounced in the creek and flew off with what seemed to be a fairly large trout.  I was absolutely amazed and thankful at the same time.  What an incredible creature and what incredible blessing The Parklands are to our city.  It's my family's favorite park and a place where...

The Parklands at Floyds Fork

My Family and I can't get enough of The Parklands of Floyd's Fork, we even recently took our family photos there.  Every Saturday morning I like to get up early and meet a group of friends out there to do some mountain bike riding on all three of the dedicated trails they have available.  The first trail, The Coppiced Woods Trail is by far the most difficult and the most fun.  I usually start off near the ponds and go down towards the creek if I don't eat a good meal before hand I usually can't do it without stopping and catching my breath.  It is extremely difficult there is one part towards the end were it is extremely rocky and up hill.  I have yet been able to do that section without getting off my bike and walking up it.  

I've also done some fishing there, from a kayak once in the creek and the other times at one of the William F. Miles lakes.  I've never been there and not caught fish, the most recent time I went I took my two year old daughter, a cane pole and a container of wax worms and we caught about nine bluegill and about 45 minutes.  The first catch came within the first 15 seconds of having a line in the water, another time at that same spot a friend of mine caught his very first brown trout.  

My wife and I also enjoy taking our daughter out and about there on the Louisville Loop which runs through the park.  It's honestly my favorite thing to do as a family, I feel like we are bonding and getting exercise too.  Now that the loop is open to Taylorsville Road it's even cooler than it was, the street that connects the Beckly Station section to the Pope Lick park section is a paved road through the woods and it is absolutely gorgeous.  

My Two year old loves the splash park and the swings.  They have an entire area of play ground equipment that is appropriate for children her age.  But really it doesn't matter how much play ground equipment is there...

Springhurst has a hidden gem.

I've either lived in Louisville or one of the surronding counties my entire life and am constantly driving up and down the Westport road area and frequent E.P Tom Sawyer park often.  Usually I'm using the fitness trail to take a jog, or playing with my daughter on the play set.  But recently I've discovered an entire portion of the park that I never new exsisted.  It's not easly seen from Frey's Hill road (the road the park sets on) because of a wall of trees and undergrowth.  But if you were to swing your car into gate #2 the one marked Dog Park you will find a hidden gem.  This secluded section of the park not only has three different fenced areas for you K-9 friend it also has a large playset and a community garden.  Being a gardener myself I was really impressed with some of the green thumbs that the people had who were perticapting in the garden.  There were five foot tall tomato plants in there all were full of green tomatoes and corn plants taller than me all sorts of other impressive vegetables and fruits.  My wife daughter and I will be using this section of the park much more often and next year I plan on paying the $30.00 fee to get a spot in the community garden.  If you haven't already you need to check it out too.