Free Summer Shows in Louisville

Louisville is such a busy city, there always something going on even though they may be hard to find sometimes. Being as Louisville is such a bustiling city it is understandable how you must be busy too, which makes finding these types of events a challenge. So we have provided a calender listing many of the events and concerts being held in and around Louisville that are perfect for anyone. These types of things are perfect to bring the whole family to as well as a group of friends or even go to by yourself. The music is children friendly as well as all the activites and the best part is that each and every one of the events listed are FREE! Which means that you are able to get a super enjoyable and fun experience for everyone in the family for absolutly no cost at all. The areas where they are held are always crowded with action incuding The Paddock Shops, Northon Commons, and The Waterfront. The calender does not include times and exact locations for each events so we included links to each events main page where times and locations are both included. We hope this was helpful and opens your eyes to the fun that is able to be fit in during the hot months of summer.

Norton Commons click HERE

Paddock Shops click HERE

Waterfront Wednesdays click HERE

Westport Village click HERE

Middletown Spring/Summer Concert Series click HERE

Friday Fest @ Highview Park click HERE

Iroquois Amphitheater click HERE

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