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Gallrein Farms Visit

Our Visit To Gallrein Farms for Pumpkin Picking and a Visit to The Petting Zoo.

Want to know what I love about fall? Everything! There's the crisp, cool weather, football games, the turniGallrein Farms Shelby Countyng of leaves, trick-or-treating, bonfires, boots and scarves, and my favorite; the pumpkin patch. What's not to love about spending the day with your family picking pumpkins and apples? One of my favorite orchards in the Louisville/Shelby County/Frankfort area is Gallrein farms. Some of the other orchards in the area get so crowded around this time of year that it's hard to enjoy all that they have to offer. Gallrein is sort of a hidden gem. Many people know about it, and there are definitely a lot of people on the property when you go to visit, but it never seems overcrowded. I took my two daughters to Gallrein Farms late last week as were in search of tiny pumpkins for my daughter to take to a get together with some of the kids in her preschool class. We had so much fun wandering around the main building looking at all of the pumpkins! What I love about Gallrein's is that you have the option to take a hayride into to a 

Gallrein Farms Pumpkinsfield and pick the pumpkin of your choice, but if you'd rather browse the ones that have already been picked, there is a great variety to choose from. One thing I discovered this year is that there is such thing as a gray pumpkin. I fell in love! After our daughter picked the six most perfect pumpkins, we visited Gallrein's deli and candy shop. It is such a quaint little county...