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Papalinos Pizza in Louisville, Kentucky

When you are not in the mood to cook, in need of a nice warm meal, and are working on a budget, what do you turn to? For me, pizza is the answer. It is no secret that just about every human indulges in a slice of pizza every now and then and they would be crazy not to do so. Pizza is quick, cheap, and full of flavor. While I don’t eat pizza as much as my taste buds would want me to, I do enjoy splurging my calorie intake here and there, and wanted to find a pizza place that made it worth me doing so. Even though I am not discrediting Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, or Dominos, (because trust me, I will take a slice of pizza from them as well), I am saying that some pizza places just get it right. So, I decided to hang up the phone with my order in pizzas and make a trip to Papalionos to see if a hidden “slice” of treasure could be found.

 Papalinos is located in Louisville, Kentucky in the Springhurst area. Papalinos is right across the street from Tinsletown. The location of Paplinos in Springhurst is great for an afternoon lunch break since shopping centers and movies are within walking distance. The atmosphere of Papalinos is also a great place to escape for a lunch break since the inside has free wifi and outlets. Though the location of Papalinos is nice, Papalinos has even more to offer. First, let me say that Papalinos is a great company that works with the community in Louisville, Kentucky in order to help those in need. Each month, Papalinos works on a new project in order to help those in need. This month, Papalinos is working with animal shelters in the...