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The Best Streets in the Highlands for Christmas Lights!

It's that time of the year, folks! Everyone gathers around to light up their houses and businesses and Louisville, Kentucky is no exception to this tradition. Everywhere you look, you're bound to find lights in every part of town. That was my experience when I sought after the best-lit parts of one area of town: The Highlands! This area in particular is known for its edgy, unique, thriving personality. The Highlands tends to be its own little town within the big city of Louisville. The community loves to come together to make the area one-of-a-kind and the holiday season definitely inspires the creativity for which this part of town is known.

I took a big journey throughout the Highlands to seek out the best streets and houses that outdid themselves and truly wowed me. The Highlands is one of my favorite parts of this town so this wasn't just a project to me. If I tried to tell you the route I took, you'd be turned around every which way. So let's take a tour through the Highlands with the pictures I took to appreciate the work these people put into their houses to show the best holiday spirit.

First, I took a trip down Eastern Parkway, going toward the park. From Bardstown Road to the end of the Parkway, there are too many houses to look at without slowing your car down. This is definitely one of my favorite streets because of the big, historical houses and it's fun to see them decorated with their owners' unique styles. This is one of the three streets I've voted the best to drive down if you want to feel as though you're driving through a winter wonderland.

I eventually made my way to the western side of Bardstown Road, which I found to be more decorated than the eastern side. I ventured down Hepburn Avenue, a street I'm familiar with as a relative lives there. I...