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Village Anchor, Anchorage Kentucky Fine Dinning

Village Anchor, Anchorage Kentucky REVIEW

Megan and I have really been blessed to visit some of the top restaurants in Louisville recently with Village Anchor being one of them.  As soon as you step in the front door you can tell your in a special place the atmosphere just oozes class and charm just like the homes in Anchorage.  

The special that day was monk fish over rice and heirloom carrots and because I had never had monk fish nor heirloom carrots I had to give it a try and I wasn't disappointed.  The fist was white and flaky and the carrots were awesome.  

Megan had the Chicken Saltimbocca, she pretty much orders chicken or steak no matter where we go and never eats all of her meal, leaving me to clean her plate once she is full.  This chicken was fantastic it was tender and juicy and had a great flavor.  We also order a kettle of coffee which came with creamer and chocolate chips.  The coffee was great and not too strong so you can drink it at dinner on a cold winter day and it wont keep you up all night.  

If you are looking for a good restaurant to celebrate a big occasion or just want to make your loved one feel special the Village Anchor in Anchorage Kentucky will make you look like a hero.  There are so many unique items on their menu and the fact that it's nestled right in the middle of such awesome historic Real Estate make it a must visit establishment.  


Anchorage Walking Trail Winter 2015

This morning I woke up early got all bundled up and drove to one of my favorite places in Louisville.  The Anchorage walking trail I often will ride my bike from my house in Springhurst to Anchorage just to cruise this trail.  Its absolutely gorgeous. We recently got hit with one of the biggest snow storms in the last decade and I knew the Anchorage Trail would be awesome.  I had in mind that I was going to walk to the lake and back probably about a mile and a half trip.  About a quarter of the way through the trip I was worried about frost bite and was thinking of turning back the -6 degree tempature was getting to me but I didn't and I'm glad I didn't, I pressed on and got some really good pictures.  Here are some highlights of the trip.  If your looking for Anchorage Real Estate Click here

Anchorage Walking Trail Trail Head The Trail Head

The First Bridge Near Downtown Anchorage

Anchorage Walking Trail

Anchorage Kentucky Walking TrailThis field is normally full of wild flowers.

Anchorage Kentucky Real EstateNice setting...

Home Buying Takes Team Work

From the archives, I remeber staying up late (4:00am) for the Olympic gold medal game featuring Spain and the United States.  Without a role player and one of my favorite all time UofK players ever; Tayshan Prince the USA looses to Spain that day.  The USA team was so talented that most of its stars skipped College and went straight on to the NBA once Spain inplemented a two three zone (illegal in the NBA but used often in the College ranks) the superstars didn't know how to handle it.  In steps in Tayshan who gets in the middle of the zone and knocks down two 15 jumpers right in the center of the Spainish zone and completley bust it apart and propels the team to victory.  This article was inspired by that game and takes you through how buying a new home takes team work and how I use team work to give my clients top notch service.  

I’ve seen many potential buyers search the internet for days, bouncing around from site to site, spending hours upon hours searching for houses before they commit to buying a home.  After deciding to purchase a home, the first step is usually one of two things: A) They go to a lender and see what they can afford or B) They meet with a Realtor and start looking at houses. When I run into someone who fits option B I always take them to a mortgage broker. This way we can have a good starting point for our home search and I can find that person a home that fits their budget. Today I was working with someone from option A. This person had already done all of his preliminary paper work that comes with getting a loan and was going to speed up his home purchase. I mentioned several times that I would like to talk to his loan officer but he didn’t feel it was necessary. He wanted to take care of that stuff himself. I was just to write the offer. What he didn’t realize was that not all types of mortgages work for all homes. This...

In-Law Suites

Here is a little piece I wrote back in 2008 on In-Law Suites.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 In-Law Suites

In the past six months I have had two different people interested in In-Law suites one was a client who ended up purchasing a home with a walk out lower level that had a bedroom but never got a true in-law suite. The other persons wants me to keep an eye on the market and let him know when something comes up. So I just did a search and used the key words In-Law and came across just six listings in Louisville's East...

White Blossom In The Snow

The Bradford Pear lined streets of White Blossom make for some beautiful scenery especially in the snow.  Since we are currently having the biggest snow in the last decade I took to the streets with my camera and captured some shots.  White Blossom Real Estate

White Blossom Homes For Sale

White Blossom Lake

White Blossom Realty

White Blossom Realty


Gardens of Valley View Louisville KY Home For Sale

I just listed this awesome ranch home in Louisville Kentucky in Gardens of Valley View Subdivision.  It's only been on the market three days and is getting tons of activity.  I am really starting to think we might be getting an offer soon.  The home is awesome and move in ready plus its very rare that a house comes on the Market in Gardens of Valley View so that puts the seller in a great position.  

The floor plan is open and great for entertaining, the eat-in kitchen and living room are basically one giant area.  Plus outback just off the living room door you'll find a nice patio, deck and pool which really makes this place a party pad.  It's open this Sunday February 15th from 2 to 4 so come check it out.  You can view all of the photos and get more information here.