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Bald Eagle Sighting at The Parklands Of Floyds Fork

Bald Eagle at The Parklands at Floyds Fork

I recently heard that bald eagles had been spotted at The Parklands of Floyds Fork so I decided to go out on a bike ride to relieve some stress before my afternoon showings to see if I could find him.  Usually when I bike The Parklands I park my car at the very first parking lot at the top of the hill, but this time I decided to park at the egg lawn to cut out the big hill on the way back.  I knew I would be cutting it close on getting to my afternoons showings and I didn't want to fight that tremendous switchback climb on the last leg of my ride.  So I took off from the egg lawn just mildly uncomfortable from the cold looking to the tree tops in hopes to see my very first bald eagle in its natural environment.  I was only about five or ten minutes into my ride when i noticed a silhouette of a large bird perched high in a tree right at the Sara and W.L. Lyons bridge opposite the valley of the giants trail head.    I jumped off my bike to get a closer look as I was doing so I reached for my iPhone to take pictures and videos.

As soon as I got beneath this incredible raptor he flew from his branch into the creek below.  I was within twenty yards of him and just as I turned the video off to try and do Facebook live he pounced in the creek and flew off with what seemed to be a fairly large trout.  I was absolutely amazed and thankful at the same time.  What an incredible creature and what incredible blessing The Parklands are to our city.  It's my family's favorite park and a place where...