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Shelby Park Date Night

Date Night In Shelby Park.  Megan and I wanted to get back to ourroots and go on a date night like we did years ago when we were younger, so we went to the most youthful vibrant area we can think of, which brought us to Shelby Park.  We started things off with a drink from Stopline Bar. I ordered a blackberry old-fashioned and Megan got Cabernet.  The bartender let me choose from any of the bourbons and ryes he had behind the bar.  I went with a Rebel Yell 10 year rye. I’d never had it before and I know it’s hard to come by so I gave it a shot.  The bartender muddled some blackberries in a glass and began his mixology and then handed me a beautiful drank.  It did not disappoint.   It was so refreshing and smooth. 

 After we took our first sips of our drinks we began to walk through a hallway and into Tim Faulkner Art Gallery.  This kind of brought me back to a time where Megan and I had more free time and less responsablities.  Back then we wouldn't walk pass a wall of art without playing "The Art Game" which was something we made up to just enjoy each other’s time.  We would section off a room into sections of four or five pieces of art then we would each choose our favorite and the other person would have three chances to guess what the others favorite was.  We spent about an hour there admiring all the different art.  Which was a wide variety of different mediums.  Then we walked up Logan street for dinner, to Red Top Dogs, which is a hot dog joint with a very unique menu.  I had a Germantown...