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The Brown Hotel's World Famous Hot Brown

For the past few years, my wife and I have made it a birthday tradition to venture to downtown louisville in order to ripen our tastebuds with a good ole' Kentucky hot brown from the Brown hotel. Let's be honest, nothing says birthday like getting your favorite foods placed in front of you all together! You have the turkey, the bread, the mornay sauce, the extra cheese, a juicy tomato, and let's not forget my favorite part, the crispy bacon. Some of you may say, "why go downtown for a hot brown when you can get it virtually anywhere?" The Brown Hotel is why.

The Brown Hotel's Hot Brown History:

Besides the fact that I have always received great customer service while eating at the Brown Hotel, The Brown Hotel and the hot brown go hand in hand. The Brown Hotel was the first place in Kentucky to concoct the delicious flavors of the hot brown. In 1926, the brown hotel put together what I consider to be one of the best meals in kentucky. The Brown Hotel has been a long standing resturaunt and a nice spot to lay your head down at night. The hotel is placed perfectly in downtown Louisville giving the customer a taste of Louisville and a taste of history. With the pride of Kentucky that accompanies each bite, it isn't hard to see why The Brown Hotel is the spot to choose when looking for a good Kentucky meal.