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The Parklands at Floyds Fork

My Family and I can't get enough of The Parklands of Floyd's Fork, we even recently took our family photos there.  Every Saturday morning I like to get up early and meet a group of friends out there to do some mountain bike riding on all three of the dedicated trails they have available.  The first trail, The Coppiced Woods Trail is by far the most difficult and the most fun.  I usually start off near the ponds and go down towards the creek if I don't eat a good meal before hand I usually can't do it without stopping and catching my breath.  It is extremely difficult there is one part towards the end were it is extremely rocky and up hill.  I have yet been able to do that section without getting off my bike and walking up it.  

I've also done some fishing there, from a kayak once in the creek and the other times at one of the William F. Miles lakes.  I've never been there and not caught fish, the most recent time I went I took my two year old daughter, a cane pole and a container of wax worms and we caught about nine bluegill and about 45 minutes.  The first catch came within the first 15 seconds of having a line in the water, another time at that same spot a friend of mine caught his very first brown trout.  

My wife and I also enjoy taking our daughter out and about there on the Louisville Loop which runs through the park.  It's honestly my favorite thing to do as a family, I feel like we are bonding and getting exercise too.  Now that the loop is open to Taylorsville Road it's even cooler than it was, the street that connects the Beckly Station section to the Pope Lick park section is a paved road through the woods and it is absolutely gorgeous.  

My Two year old loves the splash park and the swings.  They have an entire area of play ground equipment that is appropriate for children her age.  But really it doesn't matter how much play ground equipment is there...

Insulating my home in White Blossom, Springhurst Louisville KY

As I've mentioned in previous post my wife and I just closed on our new dream home back in April and have been working on making it ours ever since.  We have a long list of things to do and one of those things is adding insulation to the attic.  During our home inspection we determined that as is the house wasn't very energy friendly and it needed to have some work done to it to make it more efficient.  One of the big things was a lack of insulation in the attic.  I got up there in measured and in some spots it was only a couple of inches thick.  I know at Lowes they say it should be eighteen inches think so I really needed to add some badly.  

So I went to Lowes and loaded up a mini van full of spray in insulation 32 packs to be exact and made a second trip to the the insulation blower machine, which can be borrowed for free with a $250 deposit.  The machine is basically a cyclinder shaped hopper with a 100 foot hose that attaches to it.  Its really simple and really easy to operate.

The next morning the weather was mild so I climbed up in my attic with this hose while my wife and the 13 year old boy across the street stuffed bails of insulation into the machine and I begain blowing.  After about three hours I had added about eight to ten inches of insulation to my attic.  It really wasn't all that hard to do it was just a messy, dirty, and hot job.  Here are some before and after pics:

As you...

Springhurst Condo, Louisville Kentucky

A few weeks ago I listed an awesome condo in my neighborhood, its been getting a ton of activity and actually already had an accepted offer but unfortunately the buyer backed out so it's back on the market.  I really think the Springhurst is one of the best places to live in all of Louisville Kentucky, its so close to so many great shopping areas and restaurants we absolutely love it there.  This particular condo has a lot to offer, before the sellers put it on the market they had the entire thing professionally painted and put in new carpet through out.  It is turn key ready for a new owner to move into.  

The shopping Springhurst is fantastic, we are so close to the Paddock shopping center and Springhurst Towne Center.  I love the fact that we can walk to Target faster than we can drive, and we are so close to some of my favorite stores like Cabela's and Dick's.  Its really a great place to live!