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Top 5 Local Louisville Coffee Shops

Best Local Coffee Shops in Louisville

Wake up, coffee. At work, coffee. Mid-day boost, coffee. Pairing our pallets with coffee has become a daily routine, and why not? Coffee gets us through the yawns of a tired morning, the demands of our paperwork, and allows us to get the extra energy we need in order to make it to our after work- hour events. Seeing as how coffee has become a favorite companion to most, I decided to switch up my same old song and brew and try out some local coffee shops in the Louisville area. If you are looking to leave behind your Starbucks favorite and change up your coffee-grind, these 5 local coffee shop gems are the place to go!


Heine Brothers’ Coffee:

Heine Brothers’ Coffee is native to the Louisville area and offers more than just your average cup o’ Joe. When Heine Brothers’ Coffee became the world’s first coffee shop to offer organic, fair trade coffee, they allowed their coffee to be inspired by both their local community, and the world. One of my favorite drinks at Heine Brothers shows the collaboration of their community and their fair trade organization: The Vint Julep. The Vint Julep is inspired by the Kentucky Derby favorite Mint Julep (a bourbon and mint drink). The Heine Brothers’ Vint Julep uses bourbon and mint sugars, as well as their fair trade beans, in order to create a cup of coffee that pays tribute to a Kentucky favorite....