Napa Valley Grill

I have a new favorite restaurant!  Megan had a birthday on Tuesday so I took her to Napa Valley Grill in Westport Village, the place was a bit pricey but absolutely worth every penny.  For starters I had the pork chili its the best chili I've ever eaten, hands down, no competition.  Put it in any chili cook off and it wins every time by a land slide, I don't care how good you think your mama's recipe is this is ten times better... amazing!  The used pulled pork instead of ground meat, it all the other traditional ingredients of your standard chili except the sauce was a redish orange instead of the traditional deep tomato sauce.  We were lucky enough to be there on a day where it was the soup of the day. 
As an entree I got the Menage a Trois which is the chef’s choice of fresh fish and the price and selections vary from day to day.  The day we were there it was; salmon, sea bass and Ahi Tuna…  lucky me!  The Tuna was probably the highlight of the plate followed closely by the salmon.  The Tuna was sushi grade and was encrusted with grains and spices and then seared.  I haven't had that good of sea food since our honeymoon in Hawaii, it was that good.  Each cut of fish had a different topping and was prepared differently but they all were fantastic in their own right.  They came served on a bed of fresh veggies that was really heavy in the cabbage department and kind of reminded me of a really fancy coleslaw. 
Megan ordered the 6oz filet and it was cooked to her delight as well done as it possibly could be.  Megan is a picky eater and can't stand the sight of any pink in her steak and orders them well done every time we eat out.  About half the time she sends them back to be cooked more but the chef nailed it this time and she was a happy little camper.  Although it was a small steak, it came with a big pile of potatoes and veggies so it was actually enough for her to have left overs for lunch the next day.  She also ordered the wedge salad which had full strips of thin bacon, blue cheese dressing, a deviled egg and what looked like strips of green pepper among other things.  It was a large salad and looked to be about a third of a head of iceberg lettuce she actually didn't eat it all so she would have room for her entree. 
As we were dinning I was kind of looking around the room at what the servers were bringing out and what other people were eating and I've already know what I'm eating next time we come: The Cheese Burger which comes with mac-and-cheese.  Holy Cow!  This guy’s cheese burger looked amazing! It had to have been a foot high and took up most of his plate and the mac and cheese was in a boat looking dish. I was told by our waitress it was made of several different types of cheese.  I “gotta” have it... get in my belly! 
Needless to say I highly recommend this place. Not only is it a local restaurant but they buy Kentucky Proud products and the atmosphere and the quality of the food is top notch.  Plus it’s close to my home in Springhurst.  You all must go and check it out, you want be disappointed. 

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