Organizing your Garage with a Bike Rack

My garage is really, really small and I came to realize this just a few months after we moved in our new home in White Blossom, so in efforts to keep my garage more organized I decided to build myself a bike rack for all of our bikes.  It was really easy took me a few hours and about $20 in lumber and supplies.  The rack will hold four bikes comfortably and is secured to the house so it doesn’t move.  I found the instructions on a DIY website called ehow.  It was pretty simple here are the instructions from ehow:



Determine how wide the frame will be parallel to the wall by calculating the number of bikes that are to be stored. Eight inches of width should be enough for a child's bike, so a rack that will hold four bikes should be 32 inches wide. Add a few more than eight inches for an adult bike, or for bikes with wide handle bars. 

(I found this method makes the bikes too close together so I just measured my bike’s handle bars and then multiplied that measurement by the amount of bikes I had to come up with my width.  


Cut two 2-by-4 pieces of lumber to the measurement calculated in Step 1.


Cut two more 2-by-4s to 33 inches or longer, depending on the size of the tire. These sides will determine how far the bike rack will extend from the wall. 

(The ends of these I later cut into an angle and fastened them to the sell plate of the house) 


Use wood screws and a power drill to assemble the four 2-by-4s into a rectangle. Allow about six inches of the 33-inch 2-by-4s to extend over on one side. This side will be the rear, or back side, of the bike rack.


Cut four 2-by-2s to fit the width of the rectangle frame. If the 2-by-4s were cut to 33 inches, minus six inches for the over hang, then the 2-by-2s should be cut to 27 inches. These will be used to hold the bike tire in the frame. Bevel the edge of the lumber with a table saw to a 45-degree to make placing the tire in easier.

(Some bike tires are bigger than other so I just place my bike in front of the frame of the rack and made a mark on each side of the bike tire and then placed my 2x2’s there.


Cut eight 2-by-2s for the wheel supports at 45-degree angles. Four will be installed vertically and the remaining four will be angled. Cut the vertical standing pieces to 24 inches and the angles pieces to 33 1/2 inches.

(I didn’t angle anything but the two pieces that attach to the wall.)


Assemble the wheel supports starting on the left side. Attach a 24 inch 2-by-2 vertically against the back left corner. Attach an angled 33 1/2 inch 2-by-2 so that they form an upside down V shape. Place a 27-inch 2-by-2 so that it is parallel to the frame and flush against the V shape to form a right angle triangle.

(The side that’s angled needs to attach to the bike rack)


Continue Steps 7 and 8 until the end of the frame is reached, leaving enough room in between wheel supports so that they bikes can easily fit.



Strengthen the wheel supports with one 2-by-2 attached inside the top angle of the triangle. Measure the length of the wheel supports, cut the 2-by-2 to size and attach with wood screws at each triangle.

(I added screws along the top 2x2 support and made it a little longer for hanging helmets and locks and such.)




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