The Best Parts About Jefferson County Public Schools

It's approaching that time of the year again where parents have to start sending their kids off to school. Some are new highschoolers while others are entering their first day of grade school. For many parents finding what schools work for their kids is a challenge. As a current enrolled student in JCPS I am able to say that being a part of such a diverse set of students has been one of the many great things about my educational upbringing. The school system offers so many different types of schools for kids to really be able to explore what they are passionate about. Whether that be math, science, technology or musical theater and the arts. It has a place for eveyone even options in the traditional program that provides students with a more structrued way of learning. Jefferson County works hard to accomodate all students and give each one equal opportunity, by providing school supplies for kids as well as meals during summer and the school year. As for me, I attend a magnet school which has been such an amazing experience due to the fact I have a program that fits my interests in terms of a future carrer choice. Participating in this type of environmet has also let me meet and work with other individuals that are passionate about what they are able to study as well. So as students begin to count down the days till school, it is very reassuring as a parent to be able to know that where you are sending your child is the right fit for them, as well as giving the parent the satisfaction of knowing that the public school system is setting them up for a bright future.

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