Picnic, Anchorage KY

My husband and I are always on the hunt for local restaurants to try out whenever we have a date. We enjoy finding new hidden treasures around town that are not part of a chain. Don't get me wrong, we also enjoy visiting some chain restaurants as well, but there is something about trying sometime totally new that you know is only offered where you live. Recently we had the chance to have a date 

Picnic Anchorage KYearly in the morning around brunch. We decided to meet at a local restaurant in Anchorage called Picnic, which is only a few miles from our house. I arrived a few minutes earlier than Mike and decided to sit outside at one of the tables and wait. Anchorage is my absolute favorite part of Louisville. I often tell my husband that I feel like I've stepped into Mayberry when we go there. It so quiet and quaint, people are always smiling, a train runs through the middle of town and I absolutely love the way you automatically are able to relax and slow down from the hustle and bustle of life whenever you're there. The atmosphere of The Picnic was no different. There were a few couples enjoying their morning coffee on the patio while Jack Johnson played in the background, and a nice morning breeze swept over the patio that was shaded by lots of beautiful trees.I was enjoying the relaxation right off the bat! When Mike joined me a few minutes later we went inside the restaurant to order. As we stepped in, there was a quiet hustle among the staff as they were preparing the salad bar for lunch. We were promptly greeted 

Picnic Anchorage KY

and the girl working explained the menu to us. I chose to make my own breakfast sandwich, which was one of the options they offered. Being the picky eater that I am, I requested to have my eggs prepared a different way than they offered and they were happy to oblige. Mike also ordered a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee. After paying, we went back outside to enjoy the weather while we waited for our food. I was so impressed with the quick service of the staff, as our food arrived only a few minutes after we ordered. Let me tell you, my English muffin with cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs and sugar cured bacon was to die for. I am usually not a huge breakfast food person, but this was something to write home about.

On the side, we where served a breakfast potato that would melt in your mouth. Mike's breakfast sandwich, a benedictine breakfast sandwich, was delicious and the coffee tasted as wonderful as it smelled.  I would definitely say that The Picnic is a local treasure that we will be visiting again very soon!

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