Waterfront Wednesday


This summer has been all about getting out of the house and finding

activities around Louisville that are either free, or cost only a few dollars. In theupcoming weeks we will be blogging about all of the events that we have found, but we wanted to start with one that is free and fun of everyone of all ages. If you haven't checked out a Waterfront Wednesday concert, you need to add it to your list of things to-do. Not only are these concerts are absolutely free foreveryone in the family, but the music is great and you also get a great view of the city. Waterfront Wednesday's usually fall on the last Wednesday of the month, so make sure to look up their events to make sure they are hosting a concert on the Wednesday that you are interested in going. They begin the concerts in April and then the last one will fallaround September. If you've been downtown then you will know exactly where the high lawn is. That's where the concerts are located but youcan also watch the concert from the bridge. Our family has not done that yet, but I hear that it's a spectacular view and you can still hear the music as if you were right on the lawn. Usually the concerts begin around 5 and will last until 10 or 10:30. It's great if you've got kids but it's also great for couples who don't have kids. It's a different kind of date night, and hey, it's free! One thing that we have learned about the concerts is that you are free to bring in our own food as long as it is in the appropriate and approved containers, but beer and other alcohol has to be purchased inside of the park/concert. So if you're like us and have been looking for free and different things to do around town, check out Waterfront Wednesdays! They make for such a fun night!

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